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Audiences Can Not Remain Seated!

The Children of Adam Band’s refreshingly positive unique sound and performance have garnered them “an audience favorite” in the industry. Their universal lyrics and themes, their new sound that fuses languages, R&B, Jazz, Soul, Funk, Latin, African, Middle Eastern, and Spoken Word are infectiously delivered in multi-sensory performances that are accentuated by video imagery and a spectacular female “whirling dervish dancer.”

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As a 14 member ensemble of seasoned professionals who understand and respect the importance of your event and opportunity, COA is committed to being a great working partner as well as serving your audience the best “PMB” experience.

License COA Music

The original music of Children of Adam Band makes for great soundtracks for videos, films, tv shows, web series, and more. Inquire about our licensing opportunities below.


The Children of Adam Band provides a cultural experience. As part of Images of the Motherland Interactive Theatre, COA can provide a study guide expounding on the culture and history of the music performed as well as bring IMIT’s Timbuktu Traveling Museum to provide an unparalleled edutainment experience for your school, college, university, festival, or your city, state, or nation’s cultural programming.

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