Children of Adam Band featuring Khadijah Renee

Original New World Music

We are an exciting new band of seasoned professionals producing an eclectic mix and original sound. With a goal to bring light to the world and build human bridges of understanding…

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Coming Soon: Timbuktu by Children of Adam Band
Album Cover: PMB Positive Message Bearing Music Vol. 1, Bilal

Debut Release: BILAL

Eight tracks of original positive message bearing music (PMB) written by Baba Kenay, produced by Images of the Motherland, and performed by Children of Adam Band…

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Images of the Motherland

Children of Adam Band is a program entity of Images of the Motherland Interactive Theatre, Inc. (IMIT). IMIT incorporates every form of art to tell living histories from North Africa to America and beyond. A musical vessel, COA infuses Baba Kenya’s years of original music, research, and our stories…

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There’s so much to the Children of Adam (COA) Band. From band members and original musical styling to our IMIT side, accomplishments, and upcoming events!!! Sign up for your COA newsletter and peruse the site. Please, leave feedback on the contact page. We always want to grow.


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