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PMB Music

Artists are the storytellers and keepers of our cultures. It is through ownership and sharing of the art we keep culture, nourish legacy and be PMB (Positive Message Bearers).

-Jacqueline Taylor-Adams, BBS Value Tour

The Children of Adam Band (COA) has a uniquely original sound birthed within a lane they have carved. The sound is a new world music hybrid, an ever-evolving fusion of jazz, funk, RnB, African, Latin, and Middle Eastern with a splash of American Soul! While you will discover Children of Adam Band under the genres of World and Jazz on global music platforms, COA has carved its own lane of PMB – Positive Message Bearing Music.

The Children of Adam Band is a riveting ensemble of seasoned professionals celebrating the musical diversity of humanity. With a goal to bring light to the world and build bridges of human understanding, COA seamlessly interweaves inspiration, culture, and good music. Buy or Stream your favorite singles or the entire projects on YOUR favorite music platform. Let your local promoters know you want us to come to your town!

Album Cover: PMB Positive Message Bearing Music Vol. 1, Bilal
COA debut project, PMB, Positive Message Bearing Music Vol. 1: BILAL
an 8 track rhythmic mix from chilled out and inspiration to get up and groove!


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